COLEADSo this is the deal with co-leading:  Co-leading is not getting someone to randomly sing a verse of a song… Co-leading is ‘learning to lead together’ 

You’re both steering the boat.  As the main leader – you do the leg work of gathering the band – But together with the co-leader, get into series themes, pray into song choice, peruse the song bucket, establish a worship arc.

Practically – give each other space in the service.  Try to get a couple of songs together so that each leader has room to move – If you ring-fence the co-leaders involvement to one song – it limits the permission to lead beyond the song and leaves no space for any ‘Tehillah’ worship.  Equally, co-leaders, don’t take advantage.  Respect and acknowledge that you’re leading as part of a team – If  you feel that God is doing something, go for it – but try to let that be afforded by your time, rather than your leading partners time; you will both come ready with stuff to bring, listen to one-another, be mindful of one-another, honour one-another.

Finally, and maybe most importantly – have a conversation about how it went.   Learn from one-another and learn to recognise what God was doing;

  • When was the ‘moment’ – what were the keys in getting there.  
  • What did you miss?  How did you get on with the service leader?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What’s relevant beyond that service, for the broader journey of the church?
  • Who do you need to communicate that to? 
  • How could you’ve served each other better?
  • How clear was the ‘one thing’?

Be awesome at what you do and give away the stage, give away the acknowledgement, give away the focus on you, celebrate when others do a great job cooking in your kitchen! This is a key part of being a reproducing church.  We want to be able to send our best as we plant out from where we are now.

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