May 7, 2015

Forum Resources

We are compiling all the resources that come out of our Forum gatherings – everything from Nashville Numbers to hefty harmonising tips.



Check out some top tips and tricks that will help you improve your vocal technique and perfect the art of being a worship backing vocalist. Here you will find info on how to best prepare your mind, body, breath and voice by perfecting these warm exercises and there are links to excellent resources on the web.

Click Here For Vocal Forum Resources


DRUMSRudiments, rhythm and rocking out! Here we have some thoughts on how you can excel as a drummer in worship. Get to grips with some key rudiments that will help you improve your technique, speed and accuracy as well as helping you unlock new creativity. 

Click Here For Drum Forum Resources


bass guitarSlap da Bass! Get down your bass chops and find your groove in worship with a little help from our Bass Forum Resources. We have some info on how to navigate the Nashville number system, the 5 pentatonic scale positions, bass triads and chords. As well as thoughts on your role in the worship team with respect to Groove, Motif and Dynamics.

Click Here For Bass Forum Resources


ACOUSTICLearn new chord variations, the two capo trick and an alternative finger picking patterns. Using the Nashville number system as our basis we have chosen four common keys – G, C, E and D and compiled some simple chord voicings that will open up your playing. Combine those new chords with some easy finger picking patterns to create new textures and sounds in your worship times.

Click Here For Acoustic Guitar Forum Resources

ELECTRIC GUITARSharpen your axe playing with our Electric Guitar Forum Resources! Learn about how to incorporate the CAGED system into your playing to bring a new dimension to both your rhythm and lead parts. We discuss the basics of the Nashville number system and cover chord groupings and triads which will help embellish your playing. We also explore how we use FX to create the common pallet of sounds the modern electric guitarist uses in worship.

Click Here For Electric Guitar Forum Resources

keyboardsPlaying keys in worship is a much broader and complex role with the addition of synth pads and soundscapes. Here you can learn about the range of tools on offer to help us develop new sounds that can broaden the worship landscape. Check out info on MainStage, Omnisphere and other MIDI based DAW interfaces. Develop your chord vocabulary with the Nashville number system.

Click Here For Keyboard Forum Resources


Solo instruments such as cello, violin, trumpet etc can bring a whole new level to our worship times. Here we have produced resources that will help you develop your playing and understanding of your role within the wider worship band context.

Click Here For Solo Instruments Forum Resources


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