growthPart of our commitment to you as someone involved in serving on the worship team is to help you to grow in four key areas.

Giftingmusical vocabulary / range of skills / foundational knowledge 

Whether it’s getting your head around the Nashville Numbers System, learning to harmonise on thirds or fifths, or mastering the use of triads; serving on the worship team means pursuing and developing your musical gifting. Nobody is such a good musician that they can just rock up on the morning without considering parts, arrangements and the technical requirements to achieve what needs to be done. We are always learning, always growing.

Heartcharacter / attitudes / relational foundations

We want to know God, and know who we are in Him.  Our value is not quantified by what we do.  Being creative people engenders praise; we do something creative and people say, ‘Hey, that was awesome when you did that’ which is totally fine, but what we do with it is vital.  We are not designed to hold praise / glory – we are the colander of receptacles when it comes to this stuff.  God on the other hand is worthy of all glory and praise.  Glory trickles through our fingers as we try to hold onto it, and as it dissipates, we seek after it; fishing for compliments, comparing ourselves to others, being squashed by our insecurity.  Our heart is to reflect that gory back to God, because in the end worship is about Him and for Him.  We want to know who we are in Him and celebrate others as we all contribute to the tapestry of showing the world who He is.

Culture – understanding the culture and vision of where you serve

So you could’ve been the worship pastor of your previous church – You will still need to take time to learn about the landscape you’re now serving in.  Part of loving the community you serve is not just bringing the ‘thing’ that you do – but learning who these people are, learning about the vision of the church and the values it upholds that defines it’s vocabulary and culture.

Toolslearning to lead and navigate God’s presence

This is one of the key ways we can learn to lead together. The landscape of God’s presence is so infinitely vast – we are always going to be able to learn more about what it looks like to go deeper. That’s why we’re looking at things like the ‘Postures of Praise’ and learning to ask questions that bring our focus onto the person of Jesus and enable us to get involved in what He’s doing.  It looks like us practicing ‘Singing the Psalms’ together, getting over the nerves of singing out that spontaneous song to convey the truth in a moment of a word that God is bring.  He is our mind’s attention and our heart’s affection.  Everything we do is to encounter Him more.

We are always looking to move and grow.   The presence of God, leads the people of God, to the promises of God.  Religion is static – but relationship moves and grows.  That’s why we want to commit to growing together.

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