Ivy Central Tech Basics

These are the basic instructions for getting up and running with lights, video and sound at Ivy Central. 


Panel behind the mixing console, start on button 1 and go through until you find a lighting state that you like, button 12 turns everything off.

3 – Main lights

7 – Worship mode




Type 6241 into the switcher unit at the top of the rack. This will turn on everything in order.

Turn on the mac mini in the black rack (button on the right hand side). This will then turn the desktop screen on with the ATEM software control and Propresenter.

Turn on the projector with the remote, and then the TV’s with any of the Samsung remotes. If you see the green Ivy logo then you are ready to operate the visuals as normal.


Once you have typed in the code, the SD9 mixing desk will come on automatically (if not there is a power switch on the back of the desk just under where the power wire plugs in).  If you need to play music or a video, press the bottom left button to bring up the bank that has the hand held mics, Headset, VT and Playback channels on.  Press the bottom right hand button to open the page with the master output channels on. The Red channel needs to be unmuted, followed by the input channel on the left bank. If any channel is RED it’s muted, if there is no light then its UNMUTED. Fade the channel up and you should hear it come out of the system.


Small red button on the bottom turns the mic on by holding it down for 2 secs, turns it off by hold it down for a further 2 seconds.  Same for the beltpack but you need to fold down the front to see the switch.


Shut down the desk by pressing on the system tab on the screen, bottom option switch off. Shut the mac down in the usual process. Switch off the projector by the remote, wait until the fan has stopped spinning and then go to the Switcher in the FOH rack and type in 6241 which will turn everything off in order. Really important that you wait until the projector has cooled down before powering down as this could damage the unit .


We have created a video series on mixing basics for the SD9 mixing desk. Please check out our YouTube channel on the link below 


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