Questions for keeping our focus


  • Allow your focus to be all about what God is saying / doing – How do you serve that?  How much is for you to do, and how much is for you to let him do?
  • Worship is about God, and for God.  A great way to start is thanks and praise.  When we see what He’s done, we start to see what He’s like. Not only that, our idea of His identity is based in experience, not religious rhetoric.
  • Key – change to the minor or vice versa. Can you alter an arrangement to help open up the lyrics? It’s better to sing the right song than a cool song.

Get your hearts in the right place

  • Get as much time as you can to pray and worship by yourself through the songs – get a feel for where the life is. As you worship, ask God to help you to love the congregation – intercede for them as you prepare the worship set.  Think about the individuals who’s stories you know –  sometimes focusing in on the one, affords a deeper place for the whole.
  • Ask God where the landing points are – is there a phrase of a song / section of a song that is at the heart of what God is saying/doing.
  • Give time to that ‘selah’ moment, pace yourself as you approach it, leaving time and space for it in the set – be jealous for it, cut other songs for it, be deliberate about repeating lines and phrases, coach people into and out of it where appropriate.
  • Are there any thoughts, pictures, scriptures that underline the big idea or the landing place? Can we tell the story in a few different ways?

Helping everyone get there

  • Where do we need to coach? – Is there a song you’re using that is metaphorical or for a particular purpose – prepare a succinct way of coaching that moment.
  • Demystify words like; holy, glory, Lord – underline important ideas like; presence, His worthiness, the cross, the Father’s heart.

Sing what you see

  • During the service, has anything been said that has been highlighted to you that could be summed up and sung out as part of the worship/ministry time to reinforce the big idea/landing point/prophetic word.
  • What is God wanting to bind and what is God wanting to loose? Don’t just point out the stuff we need to be casting off – celebrate the promises of God as part of our worship.

Practical ideas

  • Try changing the key of the song to the relative minor or vice versa / if you want to sing something out, raise the key.  If you want to make something more prayerful, lower the key.  We can alter the arrangement of a song to help open up the lyrics and create focus.
  • Focus on telling the story / painting the picture.  Songs are a vehicle for us to go where we feel God is taking us.  We can’t replicate the well someone else has dug simply by singing their song.  Songs can be a window into something – but we will always need to find the place of integrity as we sing.
  • Relevance is not about being cool, it’s about meeting the need – It’s better to sing the right song than a cool song.

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