July 23, 2015

Series Resources

Here you can find all the resources to help you choose songs for your worship set.

Series Theme

The Series Theme gives you access to notes that will enable you to choose songs that will serve the community that you are leading. The series will be a single post, broken down into pages so you can navigate to the week you’re serving at more easily.

Backing Tracks

The backing tracks are going to be posted as we make them.  We want to make tracks as a resource to help us grow musically, to underline those ‘bright / short / powerful’ songs that we often put at the beginning of a service to clear the air, proclaim and declare – ‘this is our God’.  At the moment we’re deliberately not making tracks for the kind of songs that facilitate a deeper times of worship.  We don’t want to restrict in any way where we can go in these times.

Song Bucket

We will also want to make new songs accessible to people – so we’re going to post links to songs that we feel have life for this season (so a ‘new song’ could olden-golden) and this is for you to engage with, post songs, charts, ideas – and if you’re writing songs – throw up links and charts for those too!

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